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TEST & SWATCH: Everlasting liquid lipsticks – Kat Von D ★★★★★

After ma review on the Shade + Light Contour Palette and its brush, I could not wait to present you the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick of the brand KAT VON D!

I warn you: I have a new favourite liquid lipsticks brand!

Sold at 19,95€ in Sephora, these lipsticks are available in 26 shades, from nude to dark (black).

I have only five of them that I love! The colours I picked are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure my collection will get bigger soon, because some shades are really amazing!

Little trick before the Swatches: these lipsticks need to be use like nail polish, with two layers. Apply a first thin layers on the lips while drawing them carefully, then a second thicker one to unify the colour. They will last even longer and you will have an amazing colour.

  • Lolita II

The little sis of Lolita, the famous shade of the brand. It is a very pretty colour, perfect for every day. It is kind of nude, with orange and pink undertones. It makes a beautiful complexion and it will fit for most skin colours I think.

  • Double Dare

A new favourite! This colour is amazing and perfect for every day. It is an English brown pink, perfect with a smoky and a nude makeup.

  • Santa Sangre

The perfect red! For the lovers of red lips, this shade is THE one! With this lipstick, you have the longevity and the amazing colour. For me, it is a basic.

  • Nahz Fur Atoo : A red once again, but darker than the previous one. It is kind of a bloody colour, with cold undertones stunning. It evens make you teeth look whiter. During the day if you dare, of for the evening for a sexy look!

  • Exorcism

This one is a a deep purple/blackberry with really light warm undertones. More difficult to wear than the others, this colour is still amazing. The pigmentation is not as intense as for the others (logical for a dark colour) but with two layers, it is perfect.

+ Positives+  – Negatives –
  • Amazing colours
  • Great longevity (Succeeded the burger test!)
  • No transfer (Succeeded the Kiss test!)
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Easy to apply
  • Applicator very precise
  • Comfortable texture
  • Don’t dry lips too much
  • The applicator could have been shorter

Packaging ★★★★☆

The packaging is nice! Simple, elegant with a few details to remind the identity of the brand.

I LOVE the transparency of the packaging that allows to see the colours.

I DON’T LIKE the length of the applicator. Too long for me, but you get used to that.

Texture ★★★★★

The texture is creamy and less thick than some equivalents (the Anastasia Beverly Hills for example) and I like it. The product is easy to apply, slides perfectly on the lips and dries in a few seconds.

Finish ★★★★★

A gorgeous mat finish in a few seconds. Velvet lips, and I even have the feeling that it hides the wrinkles of the lips during a few hours. LOVE IT!

Pigmentation ★★★★★

Great pigmentation: the colour of your lips is the one you picked! The result is beautiful.


Longevity ★★★★★

These lipsticks hold so well on me! If you apply it with two layers like as explained you at the beginning of the article, you even can keep it one or two hours more.

Double Dare passed the Burger Test (meaning that I had lunch at the Hard Rock Café and it was my lipstick that day) et he succeeded! It did not move, I am impressed…

These lipsticks are also REALLY without transfer. Love finally accepts to kiss me when I have lipstick, even with the darker shades. And then I drink, I can’t find the shape of my lips on the glass anymore.

That’s it for my opinion! Did you also try them? What colour do you prefer?

See you soon my Audacious!