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On the other side of the screen…

In the dictionary, Audaciousness (Audace in French) is defined as the boldness that does not face limits or obstacles. It is the synonym of Courage.

I won’t have the arrogance to say that this definition fits me perfectly, but I hope I sometimes act with boldness.

I am 21, I am a student in a Business School. My studies allow me to go abroad for internships or exchanges. I spent the last year in Warsaw (Poland), and I am actually in Alcoy (Spain). Thanks to these opportunity, I had the luck to travel in many cities and countries over the last years.

I like to travel, with a backpack and a few things! Discover a country, its culture, its gastronomy, its language. Visit museums, see landscapes… I would like to share with you some of my past experiences, but especially the future ones!

Books? I read them avidly. When I have time, I open a novel (romance, thrilled, historical) or a classical.

I have always been passionate about the fashion and cosmetics industry, and I especially love beauty products. These last years, I tried and tested hundreds of makeup and hairstyles. I like to share, and I thought that the time I spent, you could save it…

I don’t know everything, but I will talk to you about what I know, what I love and care about. You can like the same things as me, be interested or just killing time with one of my articles: I hope I can entertain you, teach you and help you.

My biggest audacity is to share that with you!