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TEST: Volume stretch of Chanel

Useless to mention again that I love Chanel …

The Volume Mascara has been in my Mascara Top 3 for years, despite the many newness that I buy and try. About two years ago, Chanel launched the Volume Révolution that you can discover right here.

A few weeks ago, the brand launched a new baby in the Volume family : the Volume stretch with a strong promise:  “lengthens and stretches lashes to infinity for an unparalleled eye-opening effect and controlled volume”

But first of all, what are the differences between the 3 mascaras of the Franchise The Volume?

  • Le Volume: synthetic brush for intense volume
  • Le Volume Révolution: brush printed in 3D for extreme and immediate volume
  • Le Volume Stretch: Volume and length



An elegant black tube with engraved lines to bring a modern touch that I really like, the same that we can see on the Volume Révolution


The brush is 3D printed and entirely hollow so the formula can be “stored” inside the brush, and you don’t need to dive your mascara in the tube every two minutes.

The brush is shaped as a spiral. It is a bit difficult to explain so I leave you with the pictures. This particular shape allows it to grab easily and efficiently the lashes for an homogeneous application.

A very important aspect for me is that the brush is soft and not harsh on the lashes. It was different with the brush of the Volume Révolution that is super hard and sometimes hurting a bit when I apply the mascara (that and my famous sensitivity…). But I don’t have the same issue with this brush. Bravo Chanel !


Application is easy, the brush grabs the lashes. The size of the brush is perfect, so you don’t end up with mascara everywhere. Easy even on the lower lash line thanks to the thinner tip.

However, the formula dries very quickly so be careful to work your lashes quite quick. Don’t wait to much between the layers, otherwise you won’t be able to apply a second one.


THE important aspect when we talk about a mascara: How it looks.

When I buy a mascara, am looking for Volume, length, definition (I don’t want my lashes to be clumped. I want a falls lash look without having to deal with false lashes every morning… Yes, that’s a lot!

When talking about Volume, I think that this mascara delivers the same volume as the Volume and the Volume Révolution, which is something I like.

The lashes are well defined and separated.

Concerning the length, I honestly don’t see an amazing result … My lashes are a bit longer, but nothing incredible.

One aspect that I don’t like is that this mascara does not curl AT ALL my lashes. I usually never curl my lashes as they are already curved, and the brush of mascaras usually lift them when I apply the product. But with this mascara, I really have this feeling that they end up super straight. Therefore, I don’t see at all the “eye-opening effect” promised in the description …

To sum up: a beautiful volume, a bit of length and a good definition.


This mascara stays on place all day without moving. The formula is a bit dry and after 8-9h I can see it crumbling a bit when I touch my lashes. However, no issues if I don’t touch it.


This is an aspect that I care a lot now. I have great makeup removers, but still some mascaras are super difficult to remove even with waterproof makeup remover. And I am always scared that half of my lashes will go with it…

Here, the removal is super easy. The mascara is removed super-fast and is not leaving any black stains around my eyes. Also, I don’t lose any lashes in the process!

Here is my opinion about this mascara!

As you understood, I am a bit shared about this mascara.

I love the original and soft brush that grabs the lashes easily for an impeccable application.

This mascara delivers a nice volume, a bit of length and definition. However, I don’t feel that it is delivering what it promises: “lengthens and stretches lashes to infinity for an unparalleled eye-opening effect and controlled volume”. Infinity is a bit too strong, and as it does not lift the lashes it does not really open the look/

The formula dries very quickly so be careful to apply your second layer fast.

The removal is super easy.

Anyway, it all depends on what you are looking for in a mascara!