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TEST & SWATCH: NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation – I love it, but…

I waited months to try this foundation, but weirdly I hesitated a long time before purchasing it… I read different reviews on internet, talked with colleagues, and it came out that the longevity was not crazy. Yes, but. In another hand, I also heard some great reviews. So I did not resist.

First of all, I want to say that this foundation is not originally made for oily skins! And if the longevity is not as amazing as the 16 hours promised by the brand, I wear it daily because I just love the finish. But let’s review it in details…



Nothing super original, a long rectangular glass pump bottle, simple and elegant. I like the sobriety of the cap that does not have a logo. Otherwise, nothing revolutionary. I use 2 to 3 pumps to make my face.



One of the plus of this product, it is the number of shade available. Some brands have more, but 33 is still very good, and I am sure you will find the one made for you! Mine (Mont Blanc) is just perfect, and I can’t see the difference with my neck. I rarely found such a perfect match!

The texture is quite liquid and watery, but it doesn’t trickle such as water or a serum. Very fluid, it melts perfectly into the skin and is really pigmented.



This foundation offers a great coverage, a flawless complexion! But a light and invisible foundation on the skin. No need of 8 layers to have a perfect effect: with one layer, it’s done! I am getting tired of foundations that promise a perfect coverage while they are just adaptable. And when you layer them, they peel off and look disgusting. So YES, this foundation has a GREAT COVERAGE! Just below, I show you what my tattoo looks like with the foundation on it, so you can see the coverage. It is rare that I get such a result, especially as I blended the product a lot with a brush before taking the picture.


The finish is just amazing! It is what convinced me to buy it. I had been to Sephora only to try it, but I loved the finish so much that I ended up buying it.

It is a mat but very luminous finish. And if the mat side does not last all day, the luminous side stays all day long! And when I say luminous, I does not mean “greasy skin” or something like that, but a really healthy and fresh complexion. WHAOU?

Despite its great coverage, it doesn’t show pores and wrinkles. Same for blemishes, it hides them without a cakey effet. Even if the texture visually perfectly blends with the skin, don’t try to put too much of it to avoid brushes lines. On the picture below, I tried to show you how “invisible” it is on my skin…

I think the before/after pictures will show you what I mean, even I am not sure they show how gloomy it is. These pictures are 100% naturals, and I only wear my day cream and the foundation (no corrector, no powder).




Nars promises a 16 hours foundation. Not on me! But I remind you is not made for oily or combined skins (like mine) but more for normal skins.

These days, I shine a lot on the T-zone after a few hours, whatever the powder or the base that I use. With this foundation and my Chanel Lose Powder, My T-zone gets shiny after 4 to 5 hours, but it is not that much and I often forget to touch up my complexion with powder. The foundation does not move, ore only a bit. BUT without powder, it is a disaster! I get shiny super quickly, it moves and get cakey.

Another thing that I am not found of is the fact that it does not “dry” and fix. I try not to touch my face when I wear it, otherwise it moves and transfer (with or without powder). It is quite annoying, but after two days, I took the habit not to touch my face every 3 minutes. I love the finish to much to stop using it!

A very good point anyway is that the colour does not tarnish or changes at all, it stays the same all day long. Even the luminous finish survives the day!



Even if the longevity is not perfect for my combined to oily skin, I LOVE the flawless, luminous and fresh complexion it makes! If I don’t forget to touch it up and if I don’t touch my face every 5 minutes, the finish is great all day!

  • 33 shades
  • Flawless complexion
  • Fresh and luminous finish
  • No oxydation of the colour
  • Last long if you use powder
  • High coverage, but still natural
  • WHAOU finish
  • Ligh texture, easy to blend
  • Be careful if you have an oily skin!
  • Moves, transfers and shines if you don’t use powder
  • Does not “dry” and fix
  • Transfers (as it does not dry)