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#4 – 5 little extravagances of the week

Hello Hello !

It is still busy these days: lot of classes, homework, and little time. However, one more week and it will be the spring break. I will finally have time to work on my thesis: YEAH! Well, it does not sound like the holiday of my dream, but at least I will have more time to sleep 😉

And today, it is time for the little extravagance of the (last) week. Better later than never!

  • A book : The single games by Lauren WEISBERGER

The last book of the writer of The devil wears Prada. I would not have bought this book, it is not the kind I usually read (I ended my relationship with romantic books a few years ago :D) but it was offered by my father then I read it. Well, I LO-VED it! I was expecting a really girly thing, but not that much.

This book makes you discover the tennis world, the importance of the image, of the will and of the strength. The main character is not too stupid, assume her choices and is really strong! I think she is a good example, who makes mistakes and prove to the reader that you can reach your goal. The message is great and I liked to discover the universe of tennis!

  • A palette : Tissé Vénitien of Chanel

I spent two days at my parents last week, and I found this beautiful palette. The colours, in green and pink shades are gorgeous! Really easy to use and great quality. However, be careful to apply it well to avoid a tired look. This is the danger when you use green shades.

  • A decoration accessory : a Lightbox

I was tempted and offered myself a Lightbox! I chose the A4 one, not too big, not too small. I really like this object, and changing the letters on it! Be careful, the charging cable does not come with it.

  • Shoes : Mocassins with heel Jonak

I have already shown you them a few weeks ago (just here) and I was waiting for the sun to wear them without losing my feet because of the cold. Spring is there, so I finally can be proud of them in the street. The first day was not easy: stairs, walling, presentation, .. the leather irritated my feet but I avoided the blisters. VICTORY! But now it is alright, I feel well in them.

I am really fond of these shoes, that look a bit like Prada shoes. Do you like them?

  • An iPhone case : Chiara Ferragni

Love it Love it Love it! 😀 I was dreaming of it for a long long time, but the shipping on the websites were sooo expensive (15€ minimum). Finally, I found another website, offering a discount and cheaper  could not resist!

Many extravagances, I hope you liked them! What were yours A new restaurant? A movie? A clothe?

                                                                                  Have a nice day/evening my audacious girls !