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#1 – 5 Little extravagances of the week

Hello my lovelies!

This weekend, I took a big decision! Well, not a huge one… Just a decision in fact. I had the very very original idea to write every week (or almost) a brief summary  in 5 things. I know, it is not a brand new idea, however I wanted to share that with you 😉 So for the first time, my week in five pretty things!

  • A movie: “RAID Dingue”

The first think I want to share with you, it’s this french movie I’ve seen on saturday with Love. I LOVED it!! It had been a long time I had not laugh that much in a cinema! Well, I am someone with a bad humour according to my family, my friends, my boyfriend … Even if I love my own jokes 😀 I really like comedies and this one was awesome (but typical french, I must admit). Jo, the daughter of the prime minister wants to be part of the RAID, a really sexist world. The problem: she is kind of clumsy and stubborn.

  • A gift to myself: the box Prescription Lab

This week, I received my second Prescription Lab box, the one of February. I really like the concept of a box in which you have only full size products, and not samples. There was a body scrub (sugar + coffee) but as I don’t like coffee, it is not amazing. However, all the other products were great. For more information about the products, it’s here!

  • My new necklace

I was looking for a necklace with a “horn” (I know, it’s original!). While scrolling instagram instead of working, I’ve seen the picture of a very pretty one, created by Mademoiselle VK. I ended up on the website Little Market, checking her creations. I finally bought this one I wear all the time. I am really satisfied: I received it quickly, the necklace is just like on the pictures and the quality seems good.

  • A book: Wool

Around one year ago, I discover the first episode of Wool, a trilogy. I read it in one afternoon. At the time, I did knew that there were other episodes and the other day, while walking in a library, I discovered the two other tomes! I loved them and I just finished the last one. These book make you discover what could happen to our world, in a few century. Men and Women live underground. I can’t tell you more, I could spoil you not on purpose…

  • A lipstick: Double Dare of Kat Von D

I already presented you my new Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, I really love. Well… I still love them! And especially the shade Double Dare, a rosewood colour that is perfect for everyday ! Let’s be honest, I wear it everyday. I also love the other shades (swatches here) bus this one is the easiest to wear, and match all my outfit. Did you try it?

A lot of blah blah, I don’t know if it is really interesting for you, but I like the idea of thinking of my week, of the past events and try to find all the positive things that made me smile. What are your 5 little extravagances of the week?

Have a nice week my beauties!