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Sales are there …

Hello Hello!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but it’s the rush in my life these day… A few days of holiday, I moved, and the first deadlines for my thesis are coming.

By the way, the move in Paris without a car was a real adventure! We had to pack everything in suitcases. Well, filling them is easy, I am really good at it (maybe too good…). The main problem was to carry them from a point to another. On the worst metro line, it was a challenge! Then the 5 floors to climb… After a few go and back, we decided to take Ubers to carry the heaviest things. #UberIloveyou. But after a dozen of go and back, it’s done!

I remember that Love told me I had too much stuff during the move buuuut … Sales are there! 😍 While waiting my article about my huge winter sales, I show you a few items I found in shop or on internet… Did you buy pretty things? If you have good deals, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment, and tell us about what you found 😀

Even it it is -8000°C, Love came with me in a place in Paris that I love: the Alexandre III bridge… And the sky was so blue during these few free hours… I almost regretted my sunglasses.


Haaaaa my bag Karl Lagerfeld…. Christmas gift from my family: I LOVE IT! A little bit Rock, large enough to take many things with me and the handles have the perfect size. What do you think about it?




I am so happy I found this pair of heeled boots Jonak. They are called Valencia, perfect as I lived just near this city last year… I like this kind of small hasard.

And these tights I got in the Gambette Box are so cute with their little glitters.





This Zara jumper is really cool with these large sleeves that can be close with a bow. It is soft and I like this natural colour.


Have a nice day/evening my Audacious… ❤

Shop the look:

❤ Bag K/Kuilted Karl Lagerfeld

❤ Jumper with bow sleeves Zara – 39,95€

❤ Shoes “Valence” Jonak – 112€ 140€

❤ Skirt See U Soon  – 35€ 70€

❤ Tights Gambette Box

❤ Coat Suncoo – 145€ 290€