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Wearing black in Venice – Murano

Bonjour my beauties!

This weekend, I was In Venice (hiiiiiiii)! It was wonderful, amazing, awesome! Well, in Venice there are many tourists… But on the Murano island, I found a small desert street to shoot a look! Soon, I will post a video of my trip. While waiting for it, I present you a practical and simple look. Only black because there is nothing more elegant! Yes, I am one of these people who love black and can wear it during weeks!

In Venice, it was not really warm… So I took this black Armorlux Caban that I love. It is really soft and always fashionable. It is black and its shape straight and a bit long make it perfect for fall. With it, I am not cold, even when I am seating on a bench!  The small detail that changes everything and I am crazy about it is the pattern on the buttons!



I wanted practical and comfortable shoes! In Venice, we faced the “Aqua Alta” (when the water rises and tries to wet your feet). So to keep my feet warm and protected, I slipped into my Timberland. You need to know that I am found of this brand! I have different pairs that are all really comfortable, are not scared by water and keep my feet warm. I tried them in different situations: under water, in the snow, walking all day, … They remain my favourites shoes.

These ones are boots with a small large heel that I don’t feel at all! The sole is thick and allow not to feel the floor.


Then, for the occasion, I borrowed this Tanneur bag I really love: really simple and elegant but practical. It is black (of course) and you can wear it on the shoulder or by hand. It is in soft leather and small but I can tidy many things in it. To travel, it is perfect!


As the fall is there, I had a silk scarf with a floral pattern. I found it in the Valencia airport. The blue brings contrast to my outfit. I love scarf and I am always looking for new ones! If you know where to find pretty cheap ones, tell me!


My sweater is a Kookaï that I have for almost two years. The kind you wear when you don’t know how to dress, when you don’t want to find clothes or when you don’t feel good. It is the one I often take with me during weekend, as I don’t know what I will wear.


I wish I could have done other looks, but sadly, it was raining on Friday… I hope you liked it!