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Travel diary: INDONESIA – Days 7 and 8

Thursday, 18th of August 2016


We wake up at 4am, time to go to the airport… We have a flight at 6am to reach Surabaya. We are un a small plane and can only bring 15kilos per person. Hopefully, we know how to travel light!


After almost 1h of plane, we take back our suitcases and get up in the mini-buses. We have at least 4h of road until the Bromo. Here, we hardly ride faster then 40 kilometers/hour so every route takes time.

When we reach the top of the mountain, we let our stuff in the hotel and have lunch (spaghetti bolognese, not very typical this time!). Finally, we are on our way to the discovery of the volcano Bromo.

We take jeeps and cross the caldeira, then reach a point of view. The road is winding, and we really have to hang on! Once on the top, we enjoy a break in the fog to discover the view of the volcano and its smoke. The Bromo erupted in July 2016, and it is still grumbling and smoking!


Then, the jeeps let us at the foot of the volcano and we begin to climb its active part, first by walking on a way then on stairs covered by the ashes of the eruption.




At the roadside of the crater, we can see a lot of white smoke: it smells sulphur! We also are lucky enough to see explosions: plumes of black smoke rise from the volcano. The volcano grumble under our feet, and a rain of ashes befalls on us! Our clothes and faces are covered with black stains.



Around 6pm, while it is already night (yes, we are with volcano’s fanatics so we spent more than two hours on the crater), we come down shower at the hotel. After 3 shampoos, I have almost no ashes anymore in my hair. 😉


Friday, the 19th of August 2016


This morning, we could have slept a little bit, but it was cold in the bedroom and while the sun is not even up, I can’t sleep anymore… I am getting sick! And anyway, I want to see the sun rise on Bromo. Around 5am, I am waiting outside with my camera, ready for the show.


Around 8am, we get on the bus. Today’s program: road! We have almost 150 km to cover until the next volcano, what will take us around 7h of bus.

On the middle of our way, we reach Pasir Putih village (what means “white sand beach”). We have lunch next to the sea.


I have fever, and the journey is long. The road is chaotic and it’s too warm: impossible to sleep.

We do nothing special, except watching the view.

Around 5.30pm; we reach Sempol, in the heart of the Caldeira of the Kawa Ijen volcano. Our hotel is on the middle of coffee plantings, and bedrooms are not equipped, but we won’t stay long! We have to go on the volcano in the middle of the night, at midnight and a half. We eat early and try to sleep to gain a little bit of energy: the night will be long, and with fever, it will be complicated!

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