TRICKS: Perfect nails (care and nail polish)

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In this article, I want to talk to you about nails! I always thought that manicured nails were important to be elegant. Even if people won’t focus on you fingers and watch them in the street, we always make a better impression with clean and healthy nails.

So here are my little tricks to take care of them. You can find, at the end of this article the video on the same subject. I also show you how I apply my nail polish, for a perfect result (as if you had been to the manucure)!


  • We clean! 

This is the most important thing: with or without nail polish, if your nails are dirty, they won’t look good! Moreover, think how many times a day you touch your face with your hands… If your nails are dirty, you bring many bacterias on your skin. So go go go, we should wash our hands often!

We can also use a small brush (sold in most of beauty shops and supermarket) to insist on nails and clean them better. This kind of brush is even more useful when we have long nails. Don’t hesitate to brush (still carefully, please!) on the nail and around to get rid of impurities.

I advise you also to wash your hand and brush your nails after you used your nail polish remover, to take off all the product. Even if you use one without acetone, it remains abrasive. Furthermore, apply your nail polish while still having remover on your nails will be more difficult, and it won’t last long.

  • White and strong nails

I have to tricks to do this, that I alternate, given the time I have and the products around me.

– Hammer your nails in half of a lemon: cut a lemon in two and hammer your nails in one the half during a few minutes. It will make them whiter. If you do it from time to time, it will also make them stronger.

The bad side of this technique is that it’s not always easy with short nails.

Also, be careful if you have small wounds: lemon HURTS !

– If you have more time and more ingredients, you can also make this small bath:

Juice of half a lemon + one tablespoon of soda bicarbonate + a bowl of warm water

Bath your nails in that mix during 3 minutes to make them whiter and stronger!


  • Creams are your friends

Hands are often exposed to cold, warm, sun, wind, water, soap and others. It is important to think about moisturizing them with a cream, to keep the skin soft long. Take a minute the morning, the evening or whenever you have time to massage them a little bit. The best? It is pleasant.

During this small massage, insist on your nails and cuticles.

  • Use oil

To moisturize even more and if you have more time, I have a solution.

Take a little bit of olive oil (or almond oil) and warm it between your finger. Once it will be more “liquid”, massage your nails and cuticles. It will them them stronger, moisturized them  and soften your cuticles than you can then push with a small wood stick.

  • A homemade scrub for soft hands

If you want to do a homemade scrub, take some sugar and oil. Massage your hands one or two minutes, still insisting on your cuticles (but still carefully). Rinse them with warm water, apply a cream. ET VOILA!

Rule 3: CUT and FILE

  • We cut

To cut your nails, scissors are better than clippers that could break your nails. Don’t cut too short to protect the skin under them.

  • We file

After you cut your nails, or simply to make them a little bit shorter and improve their shape, we use a nail file in cartoon or glass. Avoid metal ones that would break your nail, make them weaker and increase your chances of having them split.


What you eat is very important. All you swallow will go into your blood that irrigates your hands, your nails and OF COURSE your nails at their roots. For this reason, when you have deficiencies, you can see it on you nails (waves or white stains). So eat well and drink water!

You can also use food supplements if needed to bring them some vitamines.


  • A nail polish that lasts 

To make your nail polish last longer, I advise you to first apply a base and to finish with  a topcoat that will protect your nail polish, and help to keep it shiny longer.

I apply two coats of nail polish to make it last even longer.

  • Paint your nails like a pro!

To obtain a perfect results, we apply our nail polish in 3 steps. We begin with a first thin coat.

– We put the brush in the middle of the nails, next to its root (cuticule side) and we paint one line.

– We then come back to the base and we paint the lines of the sides, following the skin.

We can now apply a second layer, thicker. Finally, we apply the topcoat following the same system: middle, side, side.

  • Repair a rip

If, when you are applying your nail polish, you mess up by touching something while it is not totally dry, you can lick the damages part. Even if it seems weird, it works! Your tongue will flatten the damage spot and make it look better.

If needed, you can put a little bit more of nail polish to hide perfectly the rip

  • Accelerate the drying 

If you want to make you nail polish dry faster, there are different solutions:

– Use a “fast dry” topcoat. It is a topcoat that harden your nail polish faster. Apply it as you apply your nail polish, after the last layer. Many exist, for all budgets. My favorites are the one of Essie and the one of Dior.

We can also find “dry fast” liquid”: using a pipette (most of the time), you apply a drop of the product on the nail. The liquid will harden you nail polish almost instantly.

Finally, if you don’t have these products at home, you can still plunge your nails in a bowl of cold water during a few minutes. Then, let you hands dry. Be careful, don’t rub your nails with a towel after that: you will need a few minutes more until it is really dry.

To see that in video, just click below! Don’t hesitate to share and comment if you also have tricks for beautiful nails.

See you soon 🙂